Jon Stewart on Tue, 10 Aug 2004 19:57:20 -0500 (CDT)

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[hosers-talk] Re: [hosers-announce] service interruption

> Personally, I am moving more and more toward as my main 
> personal email account.  I don't give it to anyone other than businesses 
> with good privacy policy and certain friends and so far it has been quite 
> spam-free.  My other free accounts have been variously terminated or 
> discontinued or so innundated with spam that they are unusable.  I've 
> really liked the stability, simplicity and uniqueness of my address here, 
> so I'd hate to see it go.
> As for being down from Aug 14-19, that is ok by me especially if it makes 
> it easier on you.  I have some suspicions about the delivery on the 19th, 
> how likely do you think they'll meet it?
> PS, does anyone know of a good DNS provider that will provide mail 
> redirection and maybe also handles POP3 service?  That's really all I need 
> in a constant-connection server nowadays and I don't really have the time 
> to keep mine up to date.

Would it be possible to do some kind of mail redirection for the duration 
of the service outage? I.e., is it possible, using DNS, to redirect mail 
for to, e.g.,

I would be happy to serve as a temporary mail POP server for the duration 
of charybdis' downtime. I just don't know anything about how to do such a 
thing, but I'm learning pretty fast these days.

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