Sara L . Friedemann on 3 Aug 2002 22:13:03 -0000

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Re: [hosers-announce] spam filtering?

Quoth Joel Uckelman:
> I'm thinking about setting up a spam filter for myself on charybdis, because
> I now get too much spam to complain about manually. Hence, a few questions
> for everybody:
> 1) What would be a good spam filter to use? (I was looking at Spam Assassin.)
> 2) Would anyone else be interested in using a filter?

So I feel kinda weird posting to this list since the only people that know me here are Joel and Josh (kind of).  But for my two cents, less spam is a good thing, and I think a spam filter would be nice.

I also have no clue about what types of different filters are out there, but whatever there are, I'd like to use what ever works best and is most convenient for Joel.   spam = bad.



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