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Re: [hosers-announce] spam filtering?

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Sara L.Friedemann wrote:

> So I feel kinda weird posting to this list since the only people that
> know me here are Joel and Josh (kind of).  But for my two cents, less
> spam is a good thing, and I think a spam filter would be nice.

Hey, that's at least one better than I. I think Joel is my only connection
to this little world...

Anyway. I've been running SpamAssassin on my home system for the past
three months or so. That and procmail have reduced the amount of spam I
deal with by about 90%. (Yeah, I really did keep "before" and "after"

I'm the only user on my system, so I didn't have to worry about setting it
up system-wide; it's only in my $HOME/.procmailrc . I pipe all my email
through spamassassin, and anything that it tags as spam, gets saved to a
separate mail folder.

About once a month when I'm really bored I go through the Spam folder and
make sure it didn't accidentally tag anything I might have actually wanted
to see. I did have a couple of problems on the first few days, with Yahoo!
Groups mailing lists (since they tag advertisements to the bottom of their
emails, some of 'em got tagged as spam, until I added those mailing lists
to the "auto-whitelist").

But I haven't had a single false positive since early May. A very few
false negatives, but as I said, about 90% less.

If Joel decides not to set it up system-wide, I can help anyone that needs
a hand setting it up for their individual accounts. (It's just a few lines
added to .procmailrc; you can probably just cut'n'paste them.)


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