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Re: [eia] Austrian land orders for December, 1808

My map doesn't show a corps West of Munich.
Ach, my map didn't get the updated locations when it crashed in a Windows
Yes, Bavarians wind up in Mainz, so we'll drop a depot there as well and pay
$2, so $6 overall.

Bill Jaffe
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> Bavarian will pay $1 for depot supply from Nuremburg depot

So the Bavarians do not move or drop off any garrison factors, then ?

> Austrian IC in Munich needs to move, will move West of Munich, pay $2 
> depot
> supply from Nuremburg, and be able to forage next turn.

This move is fine, but since there's another Austrian corps W of Munich (at 
least on my map), won't they both have to forage at 5- next turn:
(4 + 3 unused MPs - 1 additional corps -2 for winter) ?


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