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Re: [eia] Turkish/Russian repatriation summary

    Today at a FTF game with Jim and JJ, it was brought to my attention that
there may be times when a country needs to repatriate its soldiers from
across the sea but doesn't have access to a port at all.  So counting spaces
from the nearest port (as I suggested) would be a bad precedent to set.  On
reflection, this point makes sense to me.  So I will go with Joel's method
of simply counting the spaces (land or sea) to find the "closest" space or
city for repatriation.  That means that the 2 inf. factors from Rhodes and
Corfu do end up at Triopli instead of Damascus.  I have attached a current
map after repatriation.  Please double check it for errors.


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>     Well, that's the thing.  There are no rules about *how* to count the
> shortest distance between to locations when sea travel is involved.  I
> assumed that you'd count all the spaces on a path that the people would
> actually have to travel in order to get there.  I suppose another
> possibility for counting the shortest distance is just to count land/sea
> spaces with no regard for what path the people involved could actually
>     Or you might reach Joel's conclusion if you were imagining an
> supply" type situation in which the garrisons are dumped off without the
> of a port city.  I was imagining that to be an expensive proposition that
> was unlikely in times of peace as a method of returning home.  But I could
> be wrong.
>     In any case, I see that both methods of counting the "shortest
> are reasonable.  Does anyone else in the group want to voice their opinion
> to help establish the precedent?
> kdh
> > > Maybe you were thinking that Tripoli was a port city?
> >
> > I was not counting travel through ports.
> >

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