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Re: [eia] Turkish/Russian repatriation summary

    Well, that's the thing.  There are no rules about *how* to count the
shortest distance between to locations when sea travel is involved.  I
assumed that you'd count all the spaces on a path that the people would
actually have to travel in order to get there.  I suppose another
possibility for counting the shortest distance is just to count land/sea
spaces with no regard for what path the people involved could actually take.
    Or you might reach Joel's conclusion if you were imagining an "invasion
supply" type situation in which the garrisons are dumped off without the use
of a port city.  I was imagining that to be an expensive proposition that
was unlikely in times of peace as a method of returning home.  But I could
be wrong.
    In any case, I see that both methods of counting the "shortest distance"
are reasonable.  Does anyone else in the group want to voice their opinion
to help establish the precedent?


> > Maybe you were thinking that Tripoli was a port city?
> I was not counting travel through ports.

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