Michael Gorman on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 02:41:41 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [eia] PPs for a victorious multinational force

There used to be lots of point by point grumbling about the current house rule, but I figured it'd be more useful to just propose an easier one.

Assuming that the goal is to make it hard to create more political points than you risk in a battle, why don't we just limit the points gained by the secondary members of a combined force to being no greater than what they can lose.

So if you look at the stack at Paris where Britain is the lead nation and Austria has one allied corps present, if they defeat a 6 corps stack of French, the lead nation follows the standard point allocation rules and wins 3 points no matter the size of their force, just like a single victor battle. The Austrians can only gain one point in that battle as a secondary partner in that stack since they have only one corps and thus risked only one point.

If Austria and Prussia decide to launch a massive combined attack on Napoleon and Austria sends 9 corps and Prussia sends 6 corps and they win, they both gain three points and if they lose, they both lose three point. Ignoring the special modifier for Napoleon as that is an exception to the normal rules, the French force also stands to win the exact same three points that it can lose if it loses the battle.

Yes, a battle can generate more points than it destroys, but it also can destroy more than it generates. The risk reward balance is maintained and that seemed to be the real crux of the disagreement over how to allocate points to allies. This method would continue the single nation on a side balance that if you are fighting an army with more corps than you have you can gain more than you lose, but it restricts that possibility to the lead nation of a combined force so that if you want to gain big points as a secondary partner in a stack, you need to send enough corps that you are also risking big points.

I think this addresses the problem with a much smaller impact on the rules and without making it cost more than can be gained to send more than 2 corps into a stack without being the dominant force in the stack.


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