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Re: [eia] access adjustments ?

    Last game we decided that Voluntary Access should be declared during the
Political Phase.  I have added it as step "J" in all of my orders to make
sure I don't forget (again).


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>     I am not sure I fully support amending voluntary access, but am not
> entirely opposed either since declarations of wars can also be made out of
> sequence in the case of minor country control.  I have not found anything
> the rules that state when access is granted (other than in the political
> phase in general), so would it be safe to say it is in sequence "J" (after
> Declaration of Combined Movement Step) in the political phase?  (Just in
> off chance its' sequence would ever be important again?)
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> Thus spake "Kyle H":
> >     I think that adjusting Voluntary Access in response to Minor Country
> > Control was justified in this particular instance because there was so
> much
> > action with regard to Minor Countries being attacked.  But let's not
> forget
> > that usually Voluntary Access decisions are made and sent in with the
> > Political Phase escrow.  (In the last game, a Voluntary Access amendment
> was
> > rejected because it was not made at the proper time.)
> >     So I just want to make sure everyone is aware that we are making an
> > exception to the rule in this case, but we shouldn't expect to be able
> > make such Voluntary Access amendments all the time.
> >
> > kdh
> Here's my concern with this: Do I need to write conditional access orders
> for each minor I don't control, every month, just in case I end up
> controlling it? That seems overly cumbersome to me. Access agreements do
> occur after minor control is assigned.
> This never occurred to me as an issue last game, probably because I wasn't
> frequently attempting to control minors myself.
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