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Re: [eia] I still have a problem

I think this is a good idea!
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> Thus spake "Everett E. Proctor":
> > >  After all, how hard is it to send an email to
> > > your allies?  So perhaps there is another consideration that I am
> > > forgetting.  If so, please remind me what it is.
> >
> >
> > The problem is that Turkey sent in its political orders before I even
> > knew whether or not I was going to join the war.  He had no idea that
> > there was even any reason to consider combined movement with Austria.
> > So now, on top of everything that is slowing the game as it is, we have
> > to tell all of our allies "don't send out your orders until you hear
> > from all of the other allies that their plans are finished"  then once
> > everyone is ready, then send out another e-mail saying o.k, everyone has
> > red out what they are doing, so now it is safe to send in your
> > political orders.   It will force everyone to wait on the slowest person
> > re sending in orders, and then cause extra time as everyone reacts
> > to the slowest person's plans.  Which I think will slow down the game
> > considerably, whereas allowing a "us too" email would slow down the game
> >  less.
> >
> > -Everett
> I can do something about that. It would be trivial to change the escrow so
> that it will accept revised orders until the last set of orders is in.
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> J.
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