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RE: [eia] I still have a problem

For my two sense, I agree with Mike that we should contact each other before
Political Orders are sent in so we don't get into an endless loop of on
again off again.

As for the Declaration of War, I agree with JJ that our forces should
already be on the map.  Again, I made the mistake of thinking that my fleet
could go to a city and pick up a corps and then move again.  My mistake.


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>     Again, I don't care much about this and am willing to concede.  If you
>guys want to do combined movement separate from the escrow, I can live with

I'm not entirely comfortable with the us too email, nor am I happy with
requiring Austria to combine with everyone Prussia combines with in order
to combine with Prussia.  That Prussia didn't offer to combine with Austria
and has stated he meant to do that makes the current turn less important to
me but I very much wanted Prussia and Austria to make their decision
without knowing if I was combined with France.  If they can alter their
combined movement phase after knowing mine, then I would want to be able to
alter mine after they alter theirs which in turn should allow them to alter
theirs after I alter mine in response to them altering theirs and so
on.  We can get into an endless recursion of combined movement phases if
the results of knowing what someone else is doing will alter what you do.

In this turn, if Austria and Prussia are not combined, I want to combine
with France.  If they are combined, I have to really think about it.  I
took a shot at hoping Austria wouldn't risk going into instability and
getting potentially screwed in an economic phase and would wait a turn to
declare war.  They didn't wait, but their lack of combined movement is very
important to me.  If they can alter that after declaration, then I want to
be able to respond to that alteration and cannot really say they can't
respond in kind.  So, depending on what their plans are, combined movement
phase will continue forever if we allow changes after revealing declaration.


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