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Re: [eia] Re: French combat rolls, Battle of Rome

At 01:21 AM 3/23/2003 -0500, you wrote:
    BTW, the French VII corps is present with 7 inf. and 1 cav. as well as
the Naples corps with 1 inf. and 2 cav.  The total is 11 factors (3 of which
are cav) for a total morale of 3.5.  I have the British force at 8 inf. 4
cav + 4 Portuguese inf.  (Please correct me if I'm wrong.  And please remind
me which British corps it is.)  I calculate a morale of 3.8 for the British
    France 15% of 11 (= 2 casualties) and 1.4 morale in the first round.
France does 10% (= 1 casualty) and 1.4 morale in the second round.  In the
third round, France does 5% (almost certainly 1 casualty) and 1.0 morale.
Total morale damage is 3.8.  So if my intelligence is correct, then the
British side will break in the third round (if the combat lasts that long).
(Pursuit is highly unlikely unless JJ rolls really low.)
    Now we just need rolls from JJ and then we'll be on to September.

I thought JJ said the Portuguese corps retired into the city? This would lower his factor strength to 8, but raise his morale to over 4. Which would mean no break, but half the force destroyed. Then it will depend on if Britain gets good enough rolls to break the French.


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