Kyle H on 11 Mar 2003 00:22:01 -0000

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Re: [eia] War of 1812

    I agree that it makes no sense that the British should risk a war with America when someone who is denied trade with America trades with it anyway.  So I'm willing to concede that Britain should not have to make the roll if I choose to violate the ban and trade with America in spite of the peace condition.  However, if I choose to abide by the ban in a given economic phase, then I think Britain should indeed have to make the roll.  (I'm not relying on any specific rules language here - just common sense.)
    If everyone else can live with this solution, then so can I.
        I was wondering one other detail about this rule.  Condition B.6 allows the nation who is forbidden trade to ignore the prohibition, but the nation that imposed the condition can then declare war.  If the nation upon whom B.6 is imposed chooses to ignore the prohibition and trade and the power that imposed the condition does not choose to declare war, is B.6 still considered to be imposed?
        My reading is that the answer should be no since trade will not actually be denied if the prohibition is ignored and the closing statement of 12.9 hinges the roll upon actual denial of trade.  But the opening statement of the mechanical part of the rule simply requires B.6 to be applied to a major power and is much less clear about the need to have the denial be successful.