Kyle H on 10 Mar 2003 01:19:02 -0000

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[eia] Re: reinforcement at Naples

    Well, I just returned from a weekend trip to visit Katy's grandparents, and I don't have a lot of time to research the wording of the rules.  But my initial response is that it doesn't make much sense that French reinforcements would be unable to penetrate a blockade of ships that are not at war with France.
    But, like I said, for all I know the language on this point may be perfectly clear, and I wouldn't know it.  So if I'm screwed on this one, then I'm screwed.  But since I don't have time to look it up myself, I'm sending this issue out for all interested parties to consider.  Please read JJ's question below and let me know what you think.
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From: J.J. Young
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Subject: reinforcement at Naples

Hi, Kyle.  Before Great Britain takes its land phase, I wanted to make sure we agree that with the Russian fleet blockaded at Naples, it would not be possible to place French reinforcements there next turn.