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Re: [eia] what we can do in the meantime

    Actually, France will drop 3 political points.  You forgot that France
will lose control of Mecklenberg and Duchies.  (Every conquest step should
be a zero sum game, right?  All the gains and losses have to balance out in
the end.)
    Joel, could you please resend the instructions for initiating an escrow?
Your first email is long gone...  And did GB ever roll forage for the
Egyptian corps in the desert?  I just don't remember (and have no email
history to refer to).


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> While we're waiting for the resolution of the battle of Mantua, I don't
> suppose there's any reason for Prussia to wait before sending out their
> orders, which are the last ones left to do for February.  After that, we
> resolve the conquest phase.  Great Britain will break even (lose
> Wurttemburg, Berg, and Tuscany, gain Denmark/Norway and Sicily).  France
> with drop one political point (lose Sicily, Denmark/Norway, and Romagna,
> gain Tuscany, Wurttemburg, and Berg).  Austria will gain one PP (gain
> Romagna).  And finally Prussia, if it keeps forces in Duchies and
> Mecklenburg to conquer them, will gain 2 PPs.
> Joel (or someone else who knows how to do it), can you set up the escrow
> the March political phase ?  Thanks.
> -JJY

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