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[eia] battle of Mantua

    So we have our first true land combat.  Unfortunately, I'll be gone all
weekend, so how would you like to take care of it?  In the past what we have
done is met online at Yahoo Backgammon with an observer.  We email the
observer with our choice of strategies, and he reports them back to us.  (Of
course, now that we have the escrow, we don't need an observer.)  Then we
use the backgammon game to roll d6's.  But it's a pain because the dice
automatically get passed back and forth, so there's lots of unnecessary
extra rolling.
    If you've downloaded it, we could try that Open RPG thing.  Or, in
principle, I suppose it is possible to just use the dice server.  (However,
if you have a guard corps present, then that is probably not the best way to

Let me know what you want to do,


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Subject: [eia] Austria Land Phase, Feb 1805 (prequel)

> Supply depots:
> Add one at Munich ($1)
> Add one at Venice ($1)
> Remove one at Ofen.
> Movement:
> I between Ancona and Bologna => Bologna => Lombardy => Mantua ($2)
> C at Bologna => Lombardy => Mantua ($2)
> I at Bologna w/ Mack holds  (F/auto)
> I at Salzburg => Venice => Mantua ($2)
> C at Munich w/ Charles => Salzburg => Venice => Mantua ($2)
> I at Munich => Salzburg => Venice (F/5-)
> I at Munich holds ($1)
> I at Vienna => Linz => Munich ($1)
> I at Ofen w/ John=> nw => Vienna ($1)
> C at Pest => Ofen => nw => Vienna => Linz => Munich ($1)
> I at Temesvar hold (F/5-)
> I at Mantua besieged supply (5-9 factors present) (F/3-)
> garrison at Mantua besieged supply (5-9 factors present) (F/3-)
> Total cost: $14
> This results in a breech attempt at Munich,
> and a limited Land battle at Mantua
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