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[s-d] Re: [s-b] [auto] ?Rodney submits p1939

'can do' is weak and probably prone to beign taken advantage of. At least
change it to 'use', but preferably lengthen the description to include a set
of restrictions on their uses, the sorts of things they can affect, etc.
Also, the each must be unique is pretty useless and arbitrary, as you can
always append "The player using this power is considered to have posted the
string 'x' to a public forum" or something else equally useless and
infinite. Perhaps "No two powers may have the same effect on their Effect
Lists", and also include in the definition of Powers that each one has a
bulleted list of things that happen when theya re used.

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> ?Rodney has submitted a new proposal, p1939.
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> Proposal 1939/0: Powers
> A New Rule by ?Rodney
> Last modified on nweek 72, nday 5
> A Power is a Game Action only a specific Player or Society can do.
> Each Power must be unique.
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