Daniel Lepage on Thu, 11 Nov 2004 10:07:31 -0600 (CST)

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[s-d] Re: [s-b] Work is sucking the lifeforce from me--I mean, more than usual

On Nov 1, 2004, at 2.29 AM, Daniel Lepage wrote:

I rule TRUE on the cfi. While it is true that there are many many
examples of card games where cards which are laid down don't leave the
player's possession, or even in some cases the player's hand, there's
still one thing they have in common--it's awfully hard to lay cards
down which have already been laid down without picking them back up
again. Common usage is a necessary evil, and it's certainly applicable
in this case. As picking the Cards up is not otherwise allowed for by
the Rules, and the act of picking the Cards up would modify the game
state, I'm going to have to rule that it can't be done.

For reasons I've explained in a series of earlier posts, I Recall Shenanigans on this CFI.

CFI reminders:

"CFJ on Wonko" was appealed and hasn't been judged yet. The Appellate judges are Personman and The Pusher Robot; you have 2 ndays left to rule on this.

"All is Not Made Right" was also appealed; the appellate judges are again Personman and The Pusher Robot. You have 4 ndays to rule on this.

This is the one whose statement reads:
The following attempts to change the gamestate by Wonko were not legal.

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 08:32:49PM -0400, Daniel Lepage wrote:
Ok, I would say the time is right for a little god-mode loophole I'd
been sitting on for a bit...

If there do not exist Cards called 'Red','Green', or 'Indigo', I hereby
create the following cards; if they do exist, I modify them to have the
following properties:


Then I move the cards around in such a way that the current cards page
shows accurately what cards people have (this is still showing last
nweek's set up).

I cause all players and other objects to cease to be Stained with
Tomato juice. I destroy all Tomatoes.

I create four tomatoes in the possession of PersonMan.

I create and destroy tildex as needed so that the current TildexCount
Page is accurate.

Then I award myself a Win, and modify r699 to read:

__The Slightly Less Important Not-So Default Case__

Any action is legal if a majority of all Players cannot distinguish it
from an otherwise-legal action.
  This rule takes precedence over all other rules except rule 33.


Also if anyone wants to do me a big favor and add "All is Not Made Right" and "Society Actions" to the Justice page, it would make me very happy. To find them, see Nov. 3rd; in 5 consecutive messages they were issued, assigned to judges, and judged; four messages later, "All is Not Made Right" was appealed by the plaintiff.


History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.

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