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Re: [s-d] Re: [s-b] CFI: All is Not Made Right.

On Nov 4, 2004, at 9.59 AM, Jeremy Cook wrote:

The question for the appellate judges to decide is: Could Wonko
distinguish his actions from legal actions? In order for them to be
legal, he had to be unable to do this before applying r699. I am arguing
that he was perfectly able to; the judges will decide this how they

The reason I bring up belief is because I think it's fairly obvious that if I believe my actions to be legal, then I quite definitely cannot distinguish them from legal actions. Because if I could, I wouldn't think they were legal. What you're claiming, then, is that I didn't think my actions were legal. Which is false, but I can't prove that, nor can you.

See, I think it's reasonable to claim that The Voice couldn't distinguish my actions from legal actions. And I think it's reasonable to claim that because of that, my actions were legal.

I'm not bothering to argue that point because this point is much stronger anyway; but I do think my actions were legal anyway.

And obviously if I think they're legal then I can't tell the difference between them and legal actions.

Even if wonko is randomly generated text, e is still following the rules by (randomly) posting comprehendable english content. The rules currently DO
NOT FORBID a random text-generator from being a player, as long as it
applies for membership correctly, etc. And I don't think you or anyone else would argue that such a computer program can distinguish a legal rule from
an illegal one.

Well, to be consistent, I'd have to. Wonko is a Black Box. Maybe e's a
random text generator, or a giant squirrel, or something even cooler.
Based on eir responses to all our input, I would argue that whatever e
is, e can do exactly that.

Prove it.

And bear in mind that 'highly unlikely' and 'impossible' are by no means the same thing.


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                -- Buckminster Fuller

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