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Re: [spoon-discuss]Re: [Spoon-business] Whn you'r bord, what lscanyou do?

>>>> -So you wish to forbid this symbol from our proposals... a tricky
>>>> proposition, obviously, but I do not quail so fast from such as this.
>>>> I will support your (a tad whimsical, at minimum) prop. How much
>>>> difficulty can forty words sans that, as you say, "char." truly
>>>> occasion? An inquiry: is it within the laws of B Nomic to switch
>>>> /linguas/, to borrow from
>>>                                      ^^^ What do you call that?
>> -Eh, so I missed one. That's an oopsies. *shrug* I caught myself about 
>> 500 times... got well past 30, though, with little difficulty.-
>Yes, but try making a meaningful proposal without e's. You can't say 
>'rule', 'create', 'the', etc.

-I will, thank you.-
>>>> the Italian, randomly to allow us to hop through this hoop at such
>>>> occasion as a lack of
>>>   ^^^ And that too!
>> -I call that the word "occasion." There are no "e"s in "occasion." 
>> There are, however, three "l"s in "gullible."-
>Crappy word wrapping is no excuse for bad vowels. If your email client 
>didn't suck, those carrots would point at 'the Italian'.
>(And before you ask, yes, miswrapping my smug comments is grounds for 

-So is it also my mail client's fault that you used carats, not carrots? How many "e"s are there in "carrot?"-
>>>> synonyms without that backwards and flipped schwa? (This post 
>>>> contains
>>>> 103 such words, not
>>>                                           ^^^
>>>               And again! I doubt you'll gain many points from this
>>> Form...
>> -Surely you have something better to be doing. Like biting me.-
>No thanks. My doctor recommended that I try the no-Baron diet.

-That's grounds for a malpractice suit. I'm fortified in the essential Vitamin Schwa.-
>> -Fine, 100 such words. And a string of 58 without "e." Kind of a tough 
>> little game, innit?-
>It doesn't reward random blocks of text; it rewards *proposals*.
>So I guess it does reward random blocks of text. But only random blocks 
>of text that *do* things. And suchlike.
-Don't be silly, proposals don't have to do anything...-

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