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Re: [spoon-discuss]Re: [Spoon-business] Whn you'r bord, what ls canyou do?

>> >> Aha! Now I have an idea for what to change this prop to.
>> >> 
>> >> I amend the prop entitled __Stop That!__ to read:
>> >> 
>> >> {{
>> >> __A Void__
>> >> 
>> >> Add a part C.5 to r437 as follows:
>> >> {{
>> >> C.5. Void Form
>> >> 
>> >> Void Form is such a form; a proposal is in Void Form if and only if
>> >> it has 30+ words, and fails to contain any char. which, in our
>> >> standard list of chars, occurs 'twixt d and f. Void Form has a prop
>> >> bonus of 15 points and 1 Charm.
>> >> 
>> >> A prop in Void Form with 200+ words gains its author 40 additional
>> >> points upon its passing, but only if its author asks for said
>> >> points upon its passing. [[That's a lot of points, but that's a lot
>> >> of words, too; and if you don't notify us of your prop's status as
>> >> a 200+ word void prop, you don't gain all that bonus.]] }} }}
>> >
>> >Ah.  I see I have a challenge presented to me.  Note that I am a
>> >veteran of, among other things, the 52-word palindromic blog post
>> >challenge.
>> >
>> >[insert sound of knuckles cracking]
>> >
>> >Bring it on, sucka.
>> >
>> -So you wish to forbid this symbol from our proposals... a tricky
>> proposition, obviously, but I do not quail so fast from such as this.
>> I will support your (a tad whimsical, at minimum) prop. How much
>> difficulty can forty words sans that, as you say, "char." truly
>> occasion? An inquiry: is it within the laws of B Nomic to switch
>> /linguas/, to borrow from the Italian, randomly to allow us to hop
>> through this hoop at such occasion as a lack of synonyms without that
>> backwards and flipped schwa? (This post contains 103 such words, not
>> including my sig at the bottom... whoo!-
>Far too simplistic, that.  If I don't know said lingua, how do I know I'm playing rightly?  
>And no props past did inapropos lingua-switching, so I would not casually allow it 
-Dunno, Google and AltaVista both have translators. Assume most of these words would come from those anyway. And we did have lingua-switching of a sort. Damn fish...-

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