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Re: [spoon-discuss]Re: [Spoon-business] Whn you'r bord, what ls canyou do?

On Thursday, October 9, 2003, at 11:44 PM, Baron von Skippy wrote:

-So you wish to forbid this symbol from our proposals... a tricky
proposition, obviously, but I do not quail so fast from such as this.
I will support your (a tad whimsical, at minimum) prop. How much
difficulty can forty words sans that, as you say, "char." truly
occasion? An inquiry: is it within the laws of B Nomic to switch
/linguas/, to borrow from
                                     ^^^ What do you call that?
-Eh, so I missed one. That's an oopsies. *shrug* I caught myself about 500 times... got well past 30, though, with little difficulty.-

Yes, but try making a meaningful proposal without e's. You can't say 'rule', 'create', 'the', etc.

the Italian, randomly to allow us to hop through this hoop at such
occasion as a lack of
  ^^^ And that too!
-I call that the word "occasion." There are no "e"s in "occasion." There are, however, three "l"s in "gullible."-

Crappy word wrapping is no excuse for bad vowels. If your email client didn't suck, those carrots would point at 'the Italian'.

(And before you ask, yes, miswrapping my smug comments is grounds for sucking.)

synonyms without that backwards and flipped schwa? (This post contains
103 such words, not
              And again! I doubt you'll gain many points from this
-Surely you have something better to be doing. Like biting me.-

No thanks. My doctor recommended that I try the no-Baron diet.

-Fine, 100 such words. And a string of 58 without "e." Kind of a tough little game, innit?-

It doesn't reward random blocks of text; it rewards *proposals*.


So I guess it does reward random blocks of text. But only random blocks of text that *do* things. And suchlike.


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