Baron von Skippy on 8 Oct 2003 03:31:35 -0000

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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Patents

>> >As compared to reinventing an in-game production
>> and
>> >commerce system? :)
>> >
>> -As I recall, we had a Ministry to help some there.
>> As I recall, it was my ministry. So yes, as opposed
>> to recreating said system.-
>What I meant was, you're creating an economic system
>now.  Even if the method of tracking patents is
>trivial, you're setting up a system of allocating
>resources, creating objects, conducting transactions
>between entities and so on, all of which need to be
>officially recognized actions on the public forum.  My
>guess is that patents won't cause anywhere near as
>much work as the economic system that is based on
>Les'n you're looking to create a new ministry too...?
-If we're gonna do Patents at the same time, that might be a good idea. Might be smart to have a Patent ministry going, too.-

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