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Re: [spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Patents

On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 02:43 AM, Mark Karasek wrote:

--- Glotmorf <dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

(2) Before we get back into rule-mandated
sole-source vendor
societies, I'd still like to see some mechanism for
"owning" a
"technology"...something that can be transferred
entities, or even somehow stolen or forcibly
acquired.  This
would de-necessitate (decessitate?) BDSM from being
referenced in the rules.

How about this?

Create a rule:

The problem I see with this is that it means only one entity gets to make such things. I'd like to see something where it's possible for anybody to create certain objects, given enough of some sort of resource. Speeders were on their way to becoming like this - given enough Raw Materials, speeders and various upgrades to them could be engineered; the hope was that eventually, any entity, be it society, player, or even the Admin, could create Speeders and upgrades - assuming it was willing to take the time to gather the resources and invest in factories. Then things like WBE and vSOI could arise without ever being mentioned in the rules, since if all a player wants is, say, two speeders, it's not worth their while to build an entire factory and run all over the place gathering resources; but if a dozen players each want two speeders, it is worthwhile for someone to build a factory or two and organize some workers to pool resources, to create 24 speeders then and there.

So I think what we need first is some sort of resource, and a way for individual players to gather said resource, and perhaps a way for a generic entity to gather it as well; then we can start creating things with it.


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