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[spoon-discuss] Proto-prop: Patents

--- Glotmorf <dwhytock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> (2) Before we get back into rule-mandated
> sole-source vendor 
> societies, I'd still like to see some mechanism for
> "owning" a 
> "technology"...something that can be transferred
> between 
> entities, or even somehow stolen or forcibly
> acquired.  This 
> would de-necessitate (decessitate?) BDSM from being
> explicitly 
> referenced in the rules.

How about this?

Create a rule:

Game entities may own Patents, which define a type of
object. Entities may submit a patent application as a
proposal. The title of the patent application proposal
must consist of "Patent Application:" followed by the
name of the object, and must list the following:
- Name of the object
- Characteristics of the object
- Cost of creating the object, or method by which the
object may be created.

If a patent application proposal passes, the proponent
is granted a Patent on that object and the object
becomes defined as though by a Rule. The holder of a
Patent on an object may create objects of that type by
paying the cost or performing the actions defined by
the patent.

Patents may be transfered or sold between game

For example, the following would be a legal patent

__Patent Application: Gnome__

Name: Gnome

There are several different types of gnomes. These
Fire gnome
Ice gnome
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster gnome

Gnomes may be Squeezed. The effects of squeezing vary
by type:
Fire gnome: (effect)

Gnomes begin with (x) hit points. Squeezing a gnome
reduces the hit points of that gnome by 1. When a
gnome's hit points reach 0, it is destroyed.

Gnomes cost 5 points to create.


--The Pusher Robot
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