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[spoon-discuss] Re: [Spoon-business] Clarification

On Friday, October 3, 2003, at 09:44 PM, Anything McGee wrote:

I propose:

{{__This Is Your Brain On Leave__

Amend r15d to read as follows:

{{To cast a vote, a Player must submit eir vote either privately to the Administrator, or to a public forum. Votes cast privately shall not be disclosed publicly until the end of the voting period, at which point they must be disclosed.

If a player goes On Leave before Voting begins in an nweek, e has the option to Preemptively Vote, or PV, on any proposals which have been recognized before the player goes On Leave. Should a proposal be revised after a PV is cast, the PV for that proposal is automatically changed to 'Abstain'. Any proposals recognized after the player goes On Leave receive 'Abstain' votes from the PVing player. If the Player returns from Leave before the end of Voting, eir PVs are erased, and that player must vote in the normal manner.

A player may instead give eir proxy to another player. The votes of the player who holds eir proxy are counted as both the player's own votes and the votes of the player who proxied. Proxies may be obtained only as described in the rules.

At this point you might as well say that votes cast by the proxy holder are cast by the proxy holder; the only difference the caster makes is in who gets the activity and in who gets the bonus points for contrary votes; this gives the bonus points to actual caster, and another bit in the rules negates the proxee's activity bonus.

If the player takes emself Off Leave during a Voting period, then e may vote on eir own ballot, in which case all proxies and PVs are rendered invalid.}}


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