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[spoon-discuss] RE: [Spoon-business] Clarification

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> I propose:
> {{__This Is Your Brain On Leave__


> A player may instead give eir proxy to another player.  The votes
> of the player who holds eir proxy are counted as both the
> player's own votes and the votes of the player who proxied.
> Proxies may be obtained only as described in the rules.
> If the player takes emself Off Leave during a Voting period, then
> e may vote on eir own ballot, in which case all proxies and PVs
> are rendered invalid.}}
> }}

This prop would mean that the proxy votes and the persons own would have to
be identical - I can remember a few occasions when someone voted differently
for the proxy on the grounds that 'The person for whom I hold proxy would do
it like this'


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