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Re: [spoon-discuss] Redefinition

On Sunday, October 5, 2003, at 01:57 AM, Glotmorf wrote:

On 4 Oct 2003 at 22:26, SkArcher wrote:

I belive the 'being multiple players at the same time' scam has been
tried (and failed) twice - once (originally?) by Glotmorf, and once by

It didn't exactly fail for me.  It's just that the conditions
the Administrator imposed for maintaining my imaginary friends
became more trouble than I wanted to go through.

Had I fulfilled those conditions, Eddie alone knows what might
have happened.

Would we have cared? I mean, if you'd made up some other character and we figured out that they were both you, then we'd propose to boot one of you; if you didn't do anything obvious to profit from it, then we wouldn't know the difference, and it wouldn't make a difference, since e-you might as well be a different person.

I think I'd still prefer that nobody do that, though.


"I'm too young and too male to be the mother of a seventeen year old female me!!!"

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