Baron von Skippy on 6 Oct 2003 05:19:57 -0000

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RE: [spoon-discuss] Redefinition

>> Of course, if they tried to join and pretended to be a single person,
>> there's not much we could do to stop them; but on the same note, if a
>> player pretended to be multiple people, we couldn't stop that either. I
>> think we just need to trust that nobody would do something like that.
>> (but then, would we really mind if they did? )
>I belive the 'being multiple players at the same time' scam has been tried
>(and failed) twice - once (originally?) by Glotmorf, and once by BvS
-Nah, just me. Glotmorf (and Wonko) were summoning up hordes of imaginary friends. But yeah, it's been tried... of course, I probably could have gotten away with it if I hadn't been nice and told everyone I was doing it...-

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