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Re: spoon-discuss: Joel's Move

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Jeff Schroeder wrote:

> I am not worried about the lists themselves, that would be pretty easy to
> handle by one of us.  my server probably wouldn't have a problem if I had
> it set up for e-mail.  But we won't have any official public forums.  (what
> is necessary to determine a public forum?  The Administrator declaring it so?)

Basically, yeah, per rule 218/0.

Worst case: the "Joel is hit by a bus" scenario. Someone assumes the role
of Deputy Administrator for the purpose of announcing a new Forum (per
rules 218/0 and 219/0). Wheee.

The whole issue of a potentially absent Administrator is one that, from my
quick survey of the rules, doesn't seem to be addressed. This practically
begs for a rule of some sort, but I'm not sure what would be fair. Yeah,
if e resigns, that's covered; but what if e is in fact hit by a bus? We
should also possibly cover the possibility of a vote of no-confidence.

Random aside: No, I don't wish any ill will towards Joel, nor do I believe
any of this is actually necessary or appropriate. Except for maybe
creating a couple of rules, but that's just because I someday hope to
actually score points in the game. :)

> I believe that it will be next to impossible to port the web page to
> another machine within only a couple of days.  I think it is incredibly
> integrated with Joel's machine.  Of course, I am just guessing - he'd have
> to let us know.

I've skimmed the source code available for the nomic. For the most part,
it's fairly portable. The tricky bit would be getting hold of the database
- otherwise, someone would have to retype every bloody thing, including
all rules, proposals, modifications, motions, you get the idea.


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