Joel Uckelman on 29 Apr 2001 05:35:35 -0000

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Re: spoon-discuss: Joel, help us!

Quoth =?us-ascii?Q?Jorg_Rathlev?=:
> > Elections for nweek 21:
> > * Banker
> > Joerg
> >=20
> > [[ Is this right? Can there be an election with only one nominee? ]]
> Yes, I think so. I'd suggest voting yes or no in this case. However, the =
> rules don't seem to allow such votes -- rule 359 states "Voters may cast =
> exactly one vote for a candidate for each Elective Office on the =
> Ballot."
> So you're not required to vote, but if you do, you must vote *for* the =
> only candidate. That's not really a good rule. On the other hand, with =
> votes being yes or no, what's going to happen if the majority votes =
> *against* the only candidate?
> Does anyone have a good idea about how to fix this?
> Joerg

Hmm. My interpretation of this rule is a little different. I had always 
assumed that so long as one person casts a vote for the only candidate, 
then e is elected. Votes for elections should always name candidates, 
rather than be "yes" or "no", so it's not a possibility that a majority 
would vote against the only candidate.