Elliott Hird on Fri, 14 Nov 2008 12:00:40 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Setting Things Up: Hello Hectomacks

I create and agree to the following contract:
1. This contract is a set of Articles of Incorporation for a  
Corporation named
"Hectomacks For All" (HFA) whose Officer is ehird. Officers of the  
For All corporation cannot act on behalf of it. Nobody can join this  
ehird can leave this contract as a Game Action.

2. Hectomacks are a type of Thing with a single attribute named  
"Owner" with a
Range of all COOs and a Default Value of the People's Bank.

3. The Hectokeeper is ehird. The Hectokeepor shall maintain a Public  
Display of

3. Upon an amount of mackerel divisible by 100 being transferred to  
the HFA,
(amount transferred/100) Hectomacks with the Value of the Owner  
attribute set to
the COO who transferred the macks are created.

4. Any COO can exchange an amount of Hectomacks whose Owner attribute  
is set to
them for macks as a Game Action. Upon doing so, the Hectomacks are  
destroyed and
the HFA corporation transfers (amount of hectomacks*100) to them. An  
exchange is
entirely without effect if the HFA does not own (amount of  

5. Any COO can set the Owner attribute of any number of Hectomacks  
who they are
Owner of to any other COO.

So that I may maintain a Public Display of hectomacks, I request a  
wiki account.


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