Geoffrey Spear on Fri, 14 Nov 2008 11:03:38 -0700 (MST)

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[s-b] Fixing Burgundy

I post the following Motion in the Burgundy Corporation:
Amend the contract to read:
1. The name of this corporation is Burgundy Corporation. This contract
is the Articles of Incorporation for this Corporation

2. A Voting Sockholder is a party to this contract who holds at least
one Burgundy sock. Any Voting Sockholder CAN cause a party to this
contract who is not a Voting Sockholder to cease to be a party by
announcement. A Potential Sockholder that holds at least one Burgundy
sock may become a party to this contract by announcement.

3. Any Voting Sockholder may attempt to amend this contract by posting
a Motion by announcement. The Motion is a Game Document and should
specify a list of Contract Actions. Each Voting Sockholder may vote
FOR, AGAINST, or ABSTAIN on this contract's Motions. The number of
votes cast by a Voting Sockholder who votes is equal to the number of
Burgundy socks they hold when the Motion is resolved. After two full
rdays, or if at any time a number of votes greater than one half the
total number of existing Burgundy socks has been cast, the Voting
Sockholder who initiated the Motion or the CEO may resolve that
Motion. When a Motion is resolved if the total number of FOR votes is
greater than the number of AGAINST votes the changes described in the
Motion are enacted.

4. Any Potential Sockholder may purchase an Burgundy sock owned by
this corporation by paying the Issue Price to the corporation.
Initially, the Issue Price is m80.

5. The sole Officer of this Corporation is the CEO. The Voting
Sockholders are responsible for ensuring this corporation fulfills
it's obligations by enabling its CEO to act on behalf of the
corporation. The CEO may resign their Office by announcement.
Initially the Office of CEO is vacant.  The CEO CANNOT act on behalf
of the Corporation without Authorization, but CAN do so with Authorization

6. The following are Contract Actions:

   * Amendment - A change to the Articles of Incorporation
   * Installation - Causing a specific Voting Sockholder to become
the holder of a specific Office in this Corporation
   * Issue - Creating a number of Burgundy socks in the possession of
this Corporation
   * Buyback - Specifying a number of Burgundy socks and a buyback
price. The CEO of this Corporation is then authorized to purchase the
specified number of Burgundy socks each at or less than the Buyback
price on behalf of the Corporation.
   * Deissue - Causing any number of Burgundy socks held by the
Corporation to be destroyed
   * Dividend - Causing the Corporation to transfer an equal number
of macks to the owner of each Burgundy sock (with the exception of
those Burgundy socks owned by this Corporation)
   * Adjustment - A change to the Issue Price
   * Split - For each current Burgundy sock, causing a Burgundy sock
to be created and given to its owner
   * Authorization - Enabling and obligating an Officer of this
Corporation to perform a specific act not otherwise specified above on
behalf of this Corporation

7. The contract is a public contract and a partnership under the
Rules of Agora.

I vote FOR all open Motions in the Burgundy Corporation.
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