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[s-b] [auto] Triller submits p242

Triller has submitted a new Motion, p242.

Motion 242/0: Allow Rule changes to happen.
A Referendum by Triller
Last modified on nweek 97, nday 2

A (not so) minor semantic oversight on my part extended the intention
of Prop 229. At present Rule 3-9 reads in part:
All awards earned in accordance with this rule are applied
before changes to the ruleset caused by passing proposals
are made.
This implies that the rules can't be changed until proposal
bonuses have been granted (applied), and could unnecessarily delay
the game if taken literally.
The intent was to use the existing ruleset to figure bonuses,
as has been standard practice.

In Rule 3-9, Section 1:
Change the word {{ applied }} to {{ calculated }}.


"That's the curse of being a Mentat. You can't stop analyzing your data."
  - Thufir Hawat - Mentat: House Atreides
  - "Dune" - Frank Herbert

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