Craig on 27 Jan 2004 18:06:16 -0000

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RE: [Spoon-business] CFI 1748

Having considered the CFI in question, I find that the ambiguity of the
"difference" in score means that there are two possible values. It is
obvious that the Speed Limit prevents the score in question from being zero
if a common-sense definition of "difference" is used, but this definition
does not indicate whether the plaintiff's score was set to 42 or 542. Since
this is the common-sense answer, it would suggest that the score was 42. A
strict mathematical interpretation could be used to alleviate the ambiguity.
The difference between x and y should be interpreted as equalling x minus y,
meaning that the difference was never greater than 250. It was, instead,
less than -250. This would leave the plaintiff's score at zero.

Since the rules do not define "difference", I smear the scoring difference
on which we are being asked to rule. Furthermore, because this lack of
definition means that we don't know whether the score was reset to zero or
only to 42, my judgement on CFI 1748 is: MU.

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