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Re: [Spoon-business] CFJ 1610/0 FALSE

>The plaintif asserts, in passing, that the paragraph here means that a
>player can have "any real number" as a value for a Dimension.
>However, this overlooks the fact that the first statement of the
>paragraph says that a Dimension is "any *numerical* attribute".  "any
>real number" is non-numerical, thus we are lead to interpret the
>second statement using the obvious English meaning that unless
>otherwise stated any Dimension may have any value in the set |R (the
>set of all real numbers).

-It should be noted that I used the word "or" extensively, because that interpretation, while more interesting, was also less stable. This CFI leaves room for me having simply made all of them undefined. As far as I can see based on your reasoning, this doesn't change anything, so I'm not going to bother appealing.-
>Hence, I judge this CFJ FALSE.

-I suppose that means I cease recognizing a State of Emergency. Until next time, then.-

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