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[Spoon-business] CFJ 1602 ruling

Statement: Wonko did not just score a Win.

Plaintiff: SkArcher
Defendant: Wonko
Judge: Glotmorf

Plaintiff's Statement:

It is possible to move within a Space in the directions indicated by Components. [[r407, Space]] - however, methods of such movement are defined in the rules, therefore rule 18 [[Permissibility of the Unprohibited]] which states that 'With the exception of Rule Changes whatever is not prohibited or regulated by the Ruleset is permitted and unregulated.' means that wonkos moves, which take place in a defined and regulated part of the gamestate, are invalid due to them being an undefined method of such movement

Judge's Ruling: TRUE

Judge's Statement:

Having commented on this already, I shall quote from Wonko's response on spoon-discuss:

On 7/19/03 at 1:49 AM Daniel Lepage wrote:

>On Saturday, July 19, 2003, at 01:40  AM, Glotmorf wrote:
>> I haven't paid an awful lot of attention to this,
>> since I figured it would work itself out over time,
>> but here's a fresh observation: This may be another
>> case (we've had them before) of the rules being
>> examined separately rather than collectively.
>> Collectively we have Rule 407, which talks about space
>> "in which it is possible to move" and Dimensions
>> "where each Dimension is a Component", and then we
>> have Rule 154, which discusses how dimensions can
>> change.  Together these serve to regulate movement in
>> dimensions space, since r407 says that movement is
>> possible and r154 gives the details of how it can
>> happen.  Yes, you can move in the direction of Charm,
>> by causing your Charm to go up; you then need to look
>> into the ways you can cause your Charm to go up.
>> There is no conflict.  Consequently, there is no scam.
>That's a good point. Of course, that only regulates how we can *be
>moved*. Nothing talks about how we can move ourselves...
>Nah. I yield the point.

Since Defendant apparently agrees with Plaintiff (or at least Judge), my ruling on this CFJ is TRUE.

I have said.


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