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[Spoon-business] CFJ 1610/0 FALSE

Firstly: 'Any real number'.

Rule 154 says:
"A Dimension is any numerical attribute of Players which is defined as
a Dimension by the rules. A Dimension can in general have any real
number as its value, although specific Dimensions may have
restrictions imposed on the range of values they can take. "

The plaintif asserts, in passing, that the paragraph here means that a
player can have "any real number" as a value for a Dimension.
However, this overlooks the fact that the first statement of the
paragraph says that a Dimension is "any *numerical* attribute".  "any
real number" is non-numerical, thus we are lead to interpret the
second statement using the obvious English meaning that unless
otherwise stated any Dimension may have any value in the set |R (the
set of all real numbers).

I agree with the plaintif that:

# Score, Charm, BAC, Activity, Entropy, and Style are all Dimensions. 
#       [[r154, Dimensions]]
# Dimensions are a Space where each Dimension is a Component. 
#       [[r407, Space]]
# It is possible to move within a Space in the directions indicated by
# Components. [[r407, Space]]
# Dimensions can have as their value any real number (subject to other
# restrictions in the rules).

However, I see nothing in the rules specifying how a player may
voluntarially move within the Space of Dimensions, therefore I feel
that the plaintif is incorrect when they say:

# Thus, it is possible to set the values of one's Score, Charm, BAC,
# Activity, Entropy, and Style Dimensions to any value within the
# limits set by the subsections of the rule defining those Dimensions
# (154), to any real number or "any real number."

Hence, I judge this CFJ FALSE.
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