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[Spoon-business] The Daily Recognizer (Tuesday evening)

I'd like to thank each and every one of you for ensuring my Nomic mailbox
had 400 messages. :-)

"Freedom!" is p1597/0. (Previously listed on Web site, recognition
overlooked by accident.)
"What was that again?" is p1600/0.
"Cleaning Up the Bits and Pieces" is p1601/0.
"Freedom!" is p1597/1.
"Political Go" is p1603/0, /1
"Gutting the Carcass" is p1604/0, /1, /2 (Oh, and thanks for REALLY
PISSING ME OFF with an eleven-part A La Carte. I've never been fond of the
notion of A La Carte anyway, since the whole thing is basically an obvious
attempt to dodge the Bandwidth rule. You got two good ideas? make two
"T-shirt Fix" is p1605/0, /1
"Deputy Fix" is p1606/0, /1
"Proposal and Comatose Fixes" is p1607/0, /1, /2, /3.
"No Refunds" is p1608/0, /1, /2, /3, /4. (SkArcher thinks there's one more
revision than I'm aware of. In any event, I think it's current.)
SkArcher's Quote Prop is p1609/0.
"Setting fire to stuff for fun and profit" is p1611/0, /1
BvS' Quote Prop is p1595/1.
"What does not kill me nets me a title" is p1612/0. (Already declared to
be Fatally Flawed.)
"Setting Stuff on Fire for Fun and Profit" is p1589/1.
"Players" is p1611/2. (Switcheroo ~!)
"Scams" is p1613/0, /1.
"Glotmorf's profit prop" is p1614/0.
"Power Outage" is p1615/0.
Glotmorf's Quote Prop is p1617.
Anything McGee's Quote Prop is p1618.
"Subgame Fora" is p1619/0.
"I Could Already Be A Winner" is p1621 (no title provided by author)
Wild Card's Quote Prop is p1622.
"The Checkpointly Recognizer" is p1598/1.
"Exploit it as far as we can go" is p1623/0. (This will be Admin Vetoed on
technical grounds, as I can't presently support negative rule numbers.)
"lets not" is p1624/0. (Same caveat applies.)

I don't buy into Wonko's "moving in the Dimensions" racket, but I'm
obliged to acknowledge it. The inevitable CFI is 1602, assigned to

The Charter of "The TTS Society" is not assigned, as it fails to meet the
requirements of a Charter. Since the subsequent Haiku seems to be
predicated upon said Charter, the Haiku prop is not recognized.

Wild Card rejoins B Nomic. Welcome back! Here, have a CFI.
BvS' "any real number" CFI is 1610, assigned to Wild Card.

Rob's "nobody wins" CFI is 1616, assigned to Emil Bleehall.

BvS declares a State of Emergency. Weird. (2: SkArcher never stopped from
the last incident)

Teucer joins M-Tek.
Teucer goes On Leave, then returns mere moments later.

Wonko receives 20 points for Quote Ministry services rendered.

Glotmorf transfers 183 points to Nzurich.
Glotmorf revises the charter of Athena's Society.

Teucer's "piece of paper" CFI is 1620, assigned to Baron von Skippy.
(Teucer's attempt to name multiple defendants is blatantly illegal and
kinda confusing, and is thus ignored.)

Teucer's alleged charter for "The Winning Team" is illegal (as it does not
match the current requirements for a charter. come to think of it, most of
the existing charters don't either.)

The charter of "Scammers for a Better Tomorrow" is rejected, same reason.

BvS transfers all eir points to vSET.

The current rules require Society Charters to consist of both actions and
restrictions. I don't think ANY current charters meet that requirement,
and thus, all Society Charters are abolished and annulled. I await the

There's a one-day Writ of Delay, so voting will begin tomorrow evening.

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