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[Spoon-business] Prop amendments

I amend my proposal entitled "Proposal and Comatose Fixes" to read as follows:

{{__Proposal and Comatose Fixes__

This is an a la carte prop.  If this proposal fails, the actions described in it shall occur anyway.

1. Add the text of r706 [[A La Carte Props]] to the end of r15, as a new subsection J with the same title as r706, and then repeal r706; add the text of r216 [[Elimination of Boilerplate]] to the end of r15, as a new subsection K with the same title as r216, and then repeal r216; add the text of r217 [[Standard Delimiters]] to the end of r15, as a new subsection L with the same title as r217, and then repeal r217; and add the current text of r206 [[Garbage Collection]] to r1532 [[Comatose Players]] and then repeal r206.

[[This item shouldn't be controversial.  No rules are changed or repealed, it's just moving them around for better organization.]]

2. In r1440 [[Rescinding Props]], remove the text {{* Bandwidth calculations}}.

3. Replace the text of r893 [[Contrary Votes]] with the text {{When a Player votes affirmatively on a proposal that fails, or votes negatively on a proposal that passes, e receives one point.}}

[[This shouldn't be controversial, either.  It's just using different wording.]]

4. Add to the end of the list in r15, subsection G, the text {{* If all votes cast for the proposal were affirmative, the author of the proposal receives an extra five points.}}

5. Repeal r437 [[Literary Forms]].

6. Add the text of r255 [[Typos]] to the beginning of r257 [[Powers of Executive Tidiness]], and then repeal r255.

7. In r19, subsection A.1 [[Quote Props]], remove the text {{, once per nweek,}}.
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