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[Spoon-business] Another prop amendment

I amend my prop titled "Gutting the Carcass" to read as follows:

{{__Gutting the Carcass__

This prop is a la carte.  If any part of this proposal fails, its actions will take effect anyway.

1. Repeal r1137 [[The Police]].

2. In r1139 [[The Gallery]], remove the text {{[[As in museum/art gallery caretaker]]}}.

3. Repeal r905 [[Unbridled Hostility(TM)]].

4. Repeal r904 [[Great Gods!]].

5. Repeal r698 [[Insta-Rules]] or, if it has already been repealed, then remove it from the ruleset.

6. Repeal r256, subsections B.2 [[The Witch Gremlin]], B.4 [[The LoanShark Gremlin, a.k.a. Luigi]], and B.6 [[The Consuming Gremlin, a.k.a. The Pig]], and renumber remaining subsections accordingly.

7. Repeal r625, subsection C.2 [[The Ministry of Gremlins]], and renumber remaining subsections accordingly.

8. Repeal r258 [[The Pink Cashmere Scarf of Impeccable Style]].

9. Rename r817 [[Std. Abbvs]] as __Standard Abbreviations__.

10. Activate r1229 [[The Council of Elders]].

11. Activate r1534 [[Super Powers]].

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