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[Spoon-business] Change to P1598

Replace the title and text of P1598 in its entirety with the following:

{{ _The Checkpointly Recognizer_

Add to Rule 1586 the following:

If, at the end of a checking period, actions taken during the checking period have not been officially recognized, the Clock is turned off until they are.



Rationale: You're all fucking nuts.

Clarification and applicability of rationale: We're capable of generating 100 email messages in the space of a few hours, and the percentage of actual meaningful content of that is extremely variable.  Until we reach a state where we are able to maintain the publicly visible text of our own proposals (and with my summer-session college courses, I can do nothing wikiwise to expedite that for a couple weeks), it's still awfully nice to know what's what when the smoke clears.

I've said it before, and I say it again: I don't really care how long it takes, as long as as long as it takes gets it done.



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