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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 18 BALLOT

>Proposal 781/0: Population Control (The Administrator)

No.  I could see doing away with Copper and Sir, but I still see value in Elvis and Goldie.

>Proposal 782/0: The Menu (Wonko)

Yes.  Probably just as may prevent scams caused by some newly developed gnome.

>Proposal 783/1: A bit of Definition: Inventories & Airborne Objects (Wonko)

Yes.  Though we're gonna have to be careful about what gets designated "carryable".  Some things I would want to carry into Limbo.

>Proposal 784/0: Less is More: Clubs (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 785/0: I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Accept (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 786/0: A bit of Definition 2: Elbonian Flights (Wonko)

Yes, because of the adjustable aspect.  But why not use the existing error of 3?

>Proposal 787/2: A Powerful Ally (Wonko)

Yes.  Though I'm now going to vote against any attempt to make the football a "throwable, carryable" object.  Mid-nweek passing?

>Proposal 788/1: Introducing Physical Law (Dan)


>Proposal 789/0: Std. Abvs. (Dan)

Yes.  Though I request that the last sentence of the rule in the proposal be removed, as it is clearly a typo.

>Proposal 790/0: Nearest? (bd)

No.  This doesn't require a rule.

>Proposal 791/0: Flipping The Circuit Breaker (Rob)

Shelve.  I see the intent -- keep it down to one win per nweek, especially in the case of a fluke that has to be rectified -- but the wording is wrong.  Players may not "win" now, as Wonko has pointed out to me more than once.  In its current form, this is a do-nothing.

>Proposal 792/0: Speed Limit (The Administrator)

No.  Wonko was exploiting a flaw, but any of us were bright enough to have done so, had we been looking.  Wonko gets the win because e did it first.  I firmly believe in being able to "go gin".

>Proposal 793/1: The Show Must Go On (Rob)

No.  This doesn't make sense.  Just because the Clock gets turned off causes an action that may cause the Clock to be turned off be less legitimate?  Especially when the Clock gets turned off at the end of every single nweek.

>Proposal 794/2: Luck of the Irish (bd)

No.  I don't like this in conjunction with DimShips.  And I want DimShips.

>Proposal 795/0: Foomp (Baron von Skippy)

No.  This makes disposal of Big Rocks and Sirens far too cheap and easy.

>Proposal 796/1: Fixing Insta-Rules (Wonko)


>Proposal 797/1: Less Is More: Weather (The Voice)


>Proposal 798/1: Down with Anorexia! (The Voice)

Yes.  Though I'd've thrown in the color commentators too.

>Proposal 799/0: Can Abominable Come Out to Play? (M-Tek)


>Proposal 800/0: Why Should Players Fail to Have All the Fun? (M-Tek)


>Proposal 801/0: Let's Take A Look at the BIG Channel 6 Weather Map! (The

No.  The way it reads, the Weather Man can update the weather as much as e wants.  Which means, unless the speed limit rule is passed, The Voice scores a Win next nweek if e performs 500 weather updates.

>Proposal 802/0: The Hoover Yeti (Glotmorf)


>Proposal 803/1: Nip it in the bud: Forums (bd)


>Proposal 804/2: Nomilogue 8: Who Mourns for Adonis? (Glotmorf)

Yes.  And, of course, 15.


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