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Re: [Spoon-business] NWEEK 18 BALLOT

Quoth Glotmorf,

>> Proposal 786/0: A bit of Definition 2: Elbonian Flights (Wonko)
> Yes, because of the adjustable aspect.  But why not use the existing error of
> 3?

The existing error is 2, n'est-ce pas?

>> Proposal 790/0: Nearest? (bd)
> No.  This doesn't require a rule.

We don't actually have any means for determining which of multiple 'nearest'
points is picked...

>> Proposal 791/0: Flipping The Circuit Breaker (Rob)
> Shelve.  I see the intent -- keep it down to one win per nweek, especially in
> the case of a fluke that has to be rectified -- but the wording is wrong.
> Players may not "win" now, as Wonko has pointed out to me more than once.  In
> its current form, this is a do-nothing.

Hmm... Good point. I change my, and SG1's, votes to SHELVE.

>> Proposal 801/0: Let's Take A Look at the BIG Channel 6 Weather Map! (The
>> Voice)
> No.  The way it reads, the Weather Man can update the weather as much as e
> wants.  Which means, unless the speed limit rule is passed, The Voice scores a
> Win next nweek if e performs 500 weather updates.

Another Good Point. I change my, and SG1's, votes to SHELVE.


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