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[Spoon-business] NWEEK 18 BALLOT

The following measures are on the ballot for nweek 18:

Proposal 781/0: Population Control (The Administrator)
Proposal 782/0: The Menu (Wonko)
Proposal 783/1: A bit of Definition: Inventories & Airborne Objects (Wonko)
Proposal 784/0: Less is More: Clubs (Glotmorf)
Proposal 785/0: I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Accept (Glotmorf)
Proposal 786/0: A bit of Definition 2: Elbonian Flights (Wonko)
Proposal 787/2: A Powerful Ally (Wonko)
Proposal 788/1: Introducing Physical Law (Dan)
Proposal 789/0: Std. Abvs. (Dan)
Proposal 790/0: Nearest? (bd)
Proposal 791/0: Flipping The Circuit Breaker (Rob)
Proposal 792/0: Speed Limit (The Administrator)
Proposal 793/1: The Show Must Go On (Rob)
Proposal 794/2: Luck of the Irish (bd)
Proposal 795/0: Foomp (Baron von Skippy)
Proposal 796/1: Fixing Insta-Rules (Wonko)
Proposal 797/1: Less Is More: Weather (The Voice)
Proposal 798/1: Down with Anorexia! (The Voice)
Proposal 799/0: Can Abominable Come Out to Play? (M-Tek)
Proposal 800/0: Why Should Players Fail to Have All the Fun? (M-Tek)
Proposal 801/0: Let's Take A Look at the BIG Channel 6 Weather Map! (The Voice)
Proposal 802/0: The Hoover Yeti (Glotmorf)
Proposal 803/1: Nip it in the bud: Forums (bd)
Proposal 804/2: Nomilogue 8: Who Mourns for Adonis? (Glotmorf)


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