Marc Lanctot on Mon, 26 Jul 2010 10:56:48 -0700 (MST)

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Re: [game-lang] a survey of previous work

On 07/26/2010 01:30 PM, Joel Uckelman wrote:
Thus spake Simon McGregor:
I'd like to make another proposal.

Let's see if we can all agree that our language ought to have access
(either as primitives or more likely as a standard library) to
game-level concepts like board spaces, movable pieces, decks of cards,
and so on. If so, we probably want slightly abstracted versions of
these with an inheritance hierarchy (e.g. a deck of cards is a
specific example of a randomly permutable list: one in which the items
have two sides and various other properties), but these aren't crucial

This is what I was advocating from the start. Somehow I think we are
not actually disagreeing.

I'm going back-and-forth, partly because I don't fully understand the points. I think I'm getting caught up in terminology.

Board game pieces, decks of cards, card states (face-up, face down), component colors and ownerships, adjacencies of "locations" on a board, the induced graph of the board, relationships between all these things... I don't normally think of these as "GUI elements". I'd call them "high-level game primitives", or something to that effect. I think Simon has referred to them as abstract game elements.

Pixels, dialog boxes, windows, mouse clicks, specific .png files to attribute to each physical piece, what language the user has chosen, etc. is what I usually consider to be "GUI elements".

Our goal (as I understand it):

1. To design a language that describes the logical rules of the game.

2. We want the language to contain high-level abstract board game components and concepts, specifically ones that are present in modern board games, that are reusable among games written in the language.

I think our goals are aligned, but maybe we're just getting confused due to terminology. I agree that our goals coincide with the points Simon listed in his last email.

I think this discussion will become more clear (at least to me) once we start designing the language and writing games in our language.


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