Joel Uckelman on Fri, 4 Mar 2005 22:31:37 -0600 (CST)

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Re: [eia] Question

Thus spake "J.J. Young":
> Hi there, Napoleon.
> To answer your question about this list, we use it as a way to submit orders
> and carry out diplomacy for our own play-by-email game of EIA.  It's not
> really intended as a general forum for rules discussion, except as questions
> come up in our specific game.

It sometimes seems like it's a general forum for rules discussion. :)
> But here's my answer to your rules question anyway, which I think most of
> the group woulod agree with.  According to the rules about minors with 2
> districts, when the major district (Naples) is conquered, the minor district
> (Sicily) automatically changes hands as well, unless the two are already
> separate before the conquest.  If Spain is at war with the Austrian
> conquerers, and Spanish forces are occupying Sicily, then Spain may well
> conquer the island back a month later.
> That's my view, anyway.  Hope that helps.  Happy Gaming !
> -JJY

I concur.

By 11.7, The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies is a multi-district minor with 
Naples as the primary district, and by 10.4.3, control of all districts 
goes to whoever conquers the primary district. So Austria should have 
conquered Sicily at the same time as Naples (which makes the point of the 
fleet blocking the Strait of Messina moot, since it would stand down upon 
the capitulation of the Kot2S).

Lapse of war applies to whole minors, not their component districts. There 
are only two ways that Spain could end up with Sicily through lapse of war:

1. War lapses with a Spanish-controlled Kot2S, so Spain ends up with both 
Naples and Sicily together as one political unit, or

2. War lapses with Spanish-controlled Sicily, and the Kot2S does not exist.


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