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[s-d] Fwd: BUS: HELP! (Call to Arms)

if anyone here wants to join in the fun.

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From: omd <c.ome.xk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:44 PM
Subject: BUS: HELP! (Call to Arms)
To: agora-business@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WE, the almighty and most noble Game of Agora (or a good chunk of it -
initial distribution included active players except some newbies to
prevent leaks), in our infinite wisdom, have decided to INVADE
BLOGNOMIC, for the Greater Good of both nomics, to end the current
stalling dynasty and replace it with a NEW DYNASTY led by the Speaker,
the Game of Agora Itself.  Unfortunately, the perfidious and
short-sighted BlogNomicians have had the AUDACITY to ORGANIZE A
DEFENSE, and a whole ARMY of idle players is reactivating and VOTING
AGAINST our Most Honourable Proposal!  This is unacceptable, and YOU
can help!

If you haven't yet, make an account (, and write a short post
( announcing your
arrival!  Then ask scshunt to process your registration, and when he's
( by posting a comment
containing ":FOR:"!

Defend our honor!  Don't make us remember this WAR in the annals of
history alongside the failed Acka-Agoran War and Risho-Agoran War!  To

seriously, do it :p
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