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Re: [s-d] Proto: gnomish randomizers

teucer wrote:
> Amend rule 117 (Gnomes) to read:

In general, I like this proto, and would vote for it. Just a couple of
comments though:

> Each Gnome type has a nonnegative number that is its Chance.

You probably want "integer" here.

> When a
> random type of Gnome is chosen, each type MUST be selected with
> probability proportional to its Chance, unless a rule specifies
> otherwise.

Suggest "the probability Chance/Total of all Chances" for
clarification, if that is what you want it to be, although this
doesn't have to be too strict if it's going to be done by an officer
using dice@xxxxxxxxx etc.

> The Minister of the Garden, also called the Gardener, is an office,

Nice bit of reBification there.

> Once per week, a Gnome of a random type is created in the possession
> of Suberby's Gnomic Auction House.

I think you would need to specify who makes the random selection.

> /* I *think* the
> fact that Bids are Pledges is sufficient enforcement of the
> requirement to pay up, but I'm not entirely certain. Also I want to
> make sure the language of this proposal when it is in non-proto form
> requires that the player *still* have the highest bid, which I'm not
> sure the current phrasing does. Comments? */

It is enforceable, but it would have to go through the equity courts
every time someone broke the rule. I would just make it an N-Class
Crime not to pay up, not sure what class though, or allow the Gardener
to act on behalf of the player to make the transfer.

> (Rn) A player CAN combine three Basic Gnomes to create a Gnome of a
> random type in a specified player's possession. /* NB: I want to make
> the person doing this have to pick the random type, rather than the
> Gardener doing it, just because that could turn into a lot of
> transactions for one person to randomize and get annoying. I think
> this language does that, but I'm not certain. */

I might be more annoying to have several messages from dice@xxxxxxxxx
etc from each player each day than for the Gardener to have to work it
all out once per day, although this would probably warrant a higher II
for the office.

> On an unrelated note, I have to confess I want to read the
> abbreviations as though there exist Helium, Aluminum, and Beryllium
> Gnomes.

Proto: Sometime in the future we enact something along these lines:

Particles are a class of fixed assets... blah blah blah...

Each particle has exactly one type from the standard model... each
type of quark/ lepton/ boson is a currency.

Particles CAN be combined as allowed by the laws of physics, and the
first player to make some uranium wins. (The officer looking after
this would need an II of at least 8 by that point.)

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