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[s-d] Proto: gnomish randomizers

Amend rule 117 (Gnomes) to read:
Gnomes are a class of fixed assets. Ownership of Gnomes is restricted
to players. Each Gnomes has exactly one type as defined by the Rules.
Each type of Gnome is a currency.

Primary Gnomes, Secondary Gnomes and National Gnomes are all
sub-classes of Gnomes.

Each Gnome type has a nonnegative number that is its Chance. When a
random type of Gnome is chosen, each type MUST be selected with
probability proportional to its Chance, unless a rule specifies
otherwise. By default, all Primary Gnomes have a Chance of 3, all
Secondary Gnomes have a Chance of 2, and all National Gnomes have a
Chance of 1.

The Minister of the Garden, also called the Gardener, is an office,
and the recordkeeper of Gnomes. The Gardener CAN, with Bn consent, set
the Chance of a type of Gnome to any legal value.

Set the Chance of Basic Gnomes to 4.

Create a rule entitled "Gnome Auctions" with the following text:
Suberby's Gnomic Auction House, or Suberby's, is a second-class player
whose basis is all first-class players who own at least one Gnome.
Suberby's can only act as specified in this rule.

Once per week, a Gnome of a random type is created in the possession
of Suberby's Gnomic Auction House.

Pledges to pay Suberby's Gnomic Auction House a specific number of
points for a specific Gnome type are known as Bids. /* I'm not really
sure how I want to put this, but I'm basically thinking you can say "I
bid five points for a Barley Gnome" and be committed to paying that
much if you win the auction. I'm also contemplating putting a minimum
bid on each Gnome type, either a function of its Chance or a function
of whether it's Primary, Secondary, or National. */ If a player has
continually had the highest bid or been tied for the highest bid for a
certain Gnome type for a period of three days, e CAN cause Suberby's
to transfer one Gnome of the specified type to em. /* I *think* the
fact that Bids are Pledges is sufficient enforcement of the
requirement to pay up, but I'm not entirely certain. Also I want to
make sure the language of this proposal when it is in non-proto form
requires that the player *still* have the highest bid, which I'm not
sure the current phrasing does. Comments? */

Any player CAN, with Bn consent, act on behalf of Suberby's Gnomic
Auction House to cause it to combine two Gnomes in a legal fashion.

At the end of rule 119/2 (Secondary Gnomes) add the following text:

(Rn) A player CAN combine three Basic Gnomes to create a Gnome of a
random type in a specified player's possession. /* NB: I want to make
the person doing this have to pick the random type, rather than the
Gardener doing it, just because that could turn into a lot of
transactions for one person to randomize and get annoying. I think
this language does that, but I'm not certain. */


On an unrelated note, I have to confess I want to read the
abbreviations as though there exist Helium, Aluminum, and Beryllium

 - teucer
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