Ed Murphy on Thu, 24 Jan 2008 06:01:30 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [s-d] [s-b] Game Actions.

0x44 wrote:

> I spend m50 to purchase a Dozen Weather Balloons.
> I spend m100 to activate the Float power.
> I spend m50 to purchase a Potion Filled Super-Soaker.
> I activate the Spray power with the target of myself.
> I stab Hose with my rapier.
> I convert 45 points into m225, and purchase a NanoSwarm.
> I activate the Unleash power with the target character 'A'.

I've got the player sub-pages caught up with everything except these
actions.  There are some discrepancies that I don't understand (maybe
the Registrar missed something, more likely I did):

You have 142 points on the main page, 187 on the sub.  I haven't
recorded your conversion of 45 points to mackerel yet, so this
indicates that the main page has been updated with the above.

You have 32 mackerel on the main page, 163 on the sub.  (163 prior to
   the above-quoted actions would mean you couldn't afford the PFSS.)
Billy Pilgrim has 203 / 106.
Hose has 59 / 132.
I have 94 / 85.
Wooble has 195 / (244 or 245).
Everyone else except Codae has x-1 / x.

The main page does not show you having a Dozen Weather Balloons.  They
don't self-destruct, so you should still have them.
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